School Self Evaluation (SSE) and School Improvement Planning (SIP)

Grange Post Primary under the guidacne of the Board of Management and in collaboration with students, staff & parents, are engaging actively in the school self evaluation and school improvement planning process.

The following sets out the schedule of progress to date:

YEAR 1 :          2013-2014                Area of Focus-  LITERACY

Summary of Grange PPS SSE Report and SIP


YEAR 2 :         2014-2015                Area of Focus-  NUMERACY

Summary of Grange PPS SSE Report- SIP 2015


YEAR 3 :         2015-2016              Area of Focus-   TEACHING & LEARNING

Grange PPS SSE summary 2016

Grange PPS Summary-SIP 2016


YEAR 4 :        2016-2017               Area of Focus-   Review & redraft of Literacy Plan

YEAR 5:         2017-2018               Area of Focus-   Review & redraft of the Numeracy Plan

YEAR 6:         2018-2019              Area of Focus-    Teaching & Learning review