Pastoral Care in Grange PPS

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care system at Grange Post Primary School is a reflection of our school ethos where-by the school seeks to inspire a love of learning through personable and enthusiastic encouragement to lead all students on to develop as caring respectful individuals.

Grange Post Primary School has developed a structured Pastoral Care system with all staff members playing key roles in this system. One of the most important roles in the pastoral Care system is that of the Year Head.

The Class Tutor

The year head is a teacher who undertakes the role of caring for a class group. As well as providing support for individual members of their class group they promote learning at every level. He/she is an important contact for parents / guardians.

Pastoral Care Team

While the Pastoral Care system permeates the whole life of the school there is also in place a Pastoral Care Team who have a responsibility for and a special role in the operation of the Pastoral Care system within Grange Post Primary School.

The Benefits of Pastoral Care

  • It makes a positive contribution to the pupil’s personal and social development. Through various programmes such as Social, Personal and Health Education and others, the pupils have an opportunity to learn a range of skills and reflect on ways to handle important situations in life.
  • It makes a contribution to student achievement.
  • Enhances Home – School relations.
  • Provides a range of support services for our students.

Aims of Pastoral Care

  • To break the school down into smaller units so that each student is well known in our school, especially to his/her Year Head.
  • To provide a link between each individual student and school staff.
  • To provide a link between school and parents through the Year Head whom they know to have a special knowledge of their child.
  • To assist each individual student to enrich his/her personal life.
  • To support subject teachers.
  • To act as an early warning system for students who may need special support.